Currently the Director of Video Editing at Craft London, where I lead a talented team of Video Editors and VFX artists. 

Craft London is part of a global powerhouse excelling in Content, VFX, Editing, and Audio projects. 

Within this vibrant environment, I specialise in managing both online and offline commercials, online content, and providing creative direction that guarantees superior final products. My thoughtful and passionate approach to video editing is evident in every project I undertake, making me a key contributor to our studio's success.

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At Craft I have had the privilege of working with an impressive roster of clients, including Mastercard, Microsoft, Ikea, Xbox, eBay, Nurofen, TSB, Adidas, YouTube, Just Eat, L'Oréal, and Chivas. Each project with these renowned brands has honed my ability to deliver exceptional content that resonates with diverse audiences and meets the highest standards of quality.

Beyond traditional video editing, my creativity shines through in the initiatives I have pioneered to promote the department's work. I created and host a podcast that delves into the origins of creativity, exploring how to harness and apply it in the creative industry. This podcast is a testament to my commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of creative processes and inspiring others within our field.

Additionally, I launched and manage the Craft London Instagram account, which showcases our studio's exceptional work alongside bespoke pieces of content presented in unique and engaging ways. I also designed and oversee the Craft newsletter, a regularly distributed publication sent to over 2000 subscribers. This newsletter highlights our studio’s achievements and features, promoting our projects to a wider audience.

As a dedicated mentor, I work closely with my team, encouraging them to develop their own initiatives and pursue their creative visions. My forward-thinking approach ensures that we continually adapt our workflow and tools to create efficient processes that enhance creativity.

My contributions to Craft London and the broader creative community set a high standard, underscoring my commitment to excellence and innovation in our industry.


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